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Trasformers: The Game
                                 Created 6-30-2007
                                    Version 2.0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction..........................................[ITD]

2. Version History.......................................[VSH]

3. Playable Characters...................................[PLC]

4. Autobots Walkthrough..................................[ATW]
      A. The Suburbs.....................................[SBB]
           -Uninvited Guests.............................[SBB1]     
           -Guardian Angel...............................[SBB2]
           -Protect and Serve............................[SBB3]
           -Air Traffic Control..........................[SBB4]

      B. More Than Meets the Eye.........................[MTM]
           -Obstruction of Justice.......................[MTM1]
           -A Friend in Need.............................[MTM2]
           -Flight of the Bumblebee......................[MTM3]
           -Heavy Weapon.................................[MTM4]

      C. Inside Hoover Dam...............................[HVD]
           -Tunnel Vision................................[HVD2]
           -Power Drain..................................[HVD3]
           -Waking Giant.................................[HVD4]

      D. The Last Stand..................................[LSD]
            -Unfriendly Skies............................[LSD2]
            -For the Fallen..............................[LSD3]
            -Keep Away...................................[LSD4]
      E. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall.................[OSOF]

      F. Cybertron Autobot...............................[CYAT]

5. Decepticons Walkthrough...............................[DCW]

      A. SOCCENT Military Base...........................[SCM]
            -Sand Storm..................................[SCM1]
            -Communications Breakdown....................[SCM2]
            -Seek and Destroy............................[SCM3]
            -Fire in the Sky.............................[SCM4]
      B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky.......................[HSW]
            -Rough Justice...............................[HSW1]
            -Race for Frenzy.............................[HSW2]
            -Plight of the Bumblebee.....................[HSW4]
      C. A Gathering Force...............................[GFC]
            -Clearing the Air............................[GFC1]
            -Sinister Savior.............................[GFC2]
      D. City of the Machines............................[CMC]
            -Nowhere to Run..............................[CMC1]
            -Energon Overload............................[CMC2]
            -The Mighty Will Fall........................[CMC3]

      E. The Day of the Machines.........................[DMC]
      F. Cybertron: Decepticon...........................[CYDC]

6. Autobot Challenges....................................[ATCG]
     A. The Suburbs......................................[ATCG1]
     B. More Than Meets the Eye..........................[ATCG2]
     C. Inside Hoover Dam................................[ATCG3]
     D. The Last Stand...................................[ATCG4]

7. Decepticon Challenges.................................[DCCG]
     A. SOCCENT Military Base............................[DCCG1]
     B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky........................[DCCG2]
     C. A Gathering Force................................[DCCG3]
     D. City of the Machines.............................[DCCG4]

8. Autobot Icons.........................................[AIC]
     A. The Suburbs......................................[AIC1]
     B. More Than Meets the Eye..........................[AIC2]
     C. Inside Hoover Dam................................[AIC3]
     D. The Last Stand...................................[AIC4]

9. Decepticon Icons......................................[DPI]
     A. SOCCENT Military Base............................[DPI1]
     B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky........................[DPI2]
     C. A Gathering Force................................[DPI3]
     D. City of the Machines.............................[DPI4]

10. Autobot Skills.......................................[ATSK]
     A. General Tips for Skills..........................[ATSK1]
     B. The Suburbs......................................[ATSK2]
     C. More Than Meets the Eye..........................[ATSK3]
     D. Inside Hoover Dam................................[ATSK4]
     E. The Last Stand...................................[ATSK5]
     F. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall..................[ATSK6]

11. Decepticon Skills....................................[DCSK]
     A. General Tips of Skills...........................[DCSK1]
     B. SOCCENT Military Base............................[DCSK2]
     C. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky........................[DCSK3]
     D. A Gathering Force................................[DCSK4]
     E. City of the Machines.............................[DCSK5]
     F. The Day of the Machines..........................[DCSK6]

12. Legalities...........................................[LGL]

1. Introduction                                                        [ITD]

This guide was written based on the PS3 version of Transformers: The Game. 
Basically it is a description (like my other guides) of a single method of 
beating the game. I do not claim to know all the answers and I do not write
this with the idea that it is the best way to move through each mission. I will
say that the following works and is repeatable. This guide is just one way to 
look at defeating this game. 

I must also add this game is based on the movie that hits theaters on July 3.
So it may contain spoilers for the film. Therefore anyone who fears that
knowing a movie plot point before seeing it on screen should not use the guide.
Nothing in reference to the movie is discussed (the majority of the guide is 
complete before the movie is released). Also, no information not pertinent to
the mission and the mission background information is discussed until the
mission actually appears in the guide.

2. Version History                                                     [VSH]

Version 0.50
-Submitted 7-1-2007
-Autobots through Unfriendly Skies mission
-Decepticons through Fire in the Sky mission

Version 0.70
-Submitted 7-4-2007
-Autobots missions complete

Version 0.90
-Submitted 7-5-2007
-Decepticons missions complete through The Mighty Will Fall
-Spelling corrections

Version 1.0
-Submitted 7-7-2007
-Mission Walkthrough completed
-Skeleton for challenges, skills, and secret icons added

Version 1.5
-Submitted 7-12-2007
-Decepticon Icon locations described in full
-Majority of Autobot Icon locations (found all icons but obtained some without
 description while focusing on walkthrough) 
-Location of challenges 
-List of skills available for each mission set

Version 2.0
-Submitted 7-15-2007
-Skill list and tips completed
-Autobot Icon location completed
-Challenge section completed
-Playable Characters Section added

3. Playable Characters                                                 [PLC]


Optimus Prime
G1 Optimus Prime- Unlocked by collecting all Autobot Icons
Robovision Optimus Prime- Unlocked by completing the Autobot Story
G1 Jazz- All Challenges are completed


G1 Megatron- Unlocked by collecting Decepticon Icons
G1 Starscream- Unlocked by completing the Decepticon Story

*Information on how to unlock the different repaints of the characters was 
 obtained from Cheats and Secrets section for Transformers: the 

4. Autobots Walkthrough                                                [ATW]

A. The Suburbs                                                         [SBB] 

Chapter 1 Uninvited Guests                                             [SBB1]

Objective: Destroy the Decepticon Drones

First up is Bumblebee. Use this opportunity to become familiar with the
driving mechanics. When ready move toward the green arrow on the map in the 
lower left corner of the screen. The meteor landing site is marked with a giant
green cylinder of light. Upon arrival Bumblebee encounters some Decepticon 
drones. The initial four drones are quite simple to beat. Fire you weapon and
move forward. Any damage done by the weapon is a plus because its quite simple
to destroy the drones with a few melee attacks. Once the drones are taken out
a cut scene indicates more drones arriving. Optimus' orders are to take out
all the drones. Use the same method as above to take out the drones 
additionally grab a nearby car or lamp post to lay a hurting on the metal 

Chapter 2 Guardian Angel                                              [SBB2]

Objective Defeat the Decepticons before they reach Sam

Optimus has another mission for Bumblebee. A human Sam Witwicky may have an 
artifact of interest to the Decepticons. Make a bee line for his home and 
hopefully arrive before the enemy. The home can be found by moving in the 
direction the green arrow on the map points. 

After a cutscene, Optimus orders Bumblebee to take out the drones headed to
the car lot Sam is at. The drones are in vehicle form and will run from 
Bumblebee. Initially there are only 2 drones. In order to destroy the drones,
they must transform out of their current form. In theory making them transform
is quite simple, attack them until the meter above their head disappears. The
meter will diminish by ramming into the drones with Bumblebee or by normal 
melee or weapon attacks.

Drive by the first firing you weapon along the way. Hopefully, you will get in
a few hits. The main thing is to catch the lead car and attack it first. Once
the lead car transforms locate the trailing car and attack it. Now that both
drones are transformed destroy them. Its not over yet though, there are 3 more
drones racing to the car lot. Bumblebee must locate them and prevent there 
safe arrival. The location of the drones are marked on the map with red 
Decepticon symbols. They travel together so the best strategy again is to find
the lead car and get it to transform first. Take every opportunity along the
way though to add damage to the two trailing drones that you pass. Once the 
drones are transformed they do not head toward the lot so if one of the 
trailing cars exits it's form ignore it until each is transformed. After all
the drones are no longer moving toward the car lot, backtrack and destroy each
one. If one drone makes it to the car lot its mission over and retry from the 
beginning. It may take a couple tries but the route the Decepticon Drones
take each time seems to be the same. So you will be familiar with their path
and know a good route to take to intercept them. 

After completing this mission several times it is best to move ahead of the 
drones, transform, and wait for them to come to Bumblebee. As they approach
fire on them relentlessly so they transform.

Chapter 3 Protect and Serve                                           [SBB3]

Objective: Defeat Barricade and get to Sam before him

Bumblebee's main responsibility is to keep Sam safe. Head to the high school 
just down the street to activate the next mission. 

Barricade has plans that are not complimentary to the Autobot's plan. 
Initially, Barricade's swinging arms are too much for a straight ahead melee
attack. Instead find a nearby object and throw it in his direction. A hit 
momentarily disarms the Decepticon providing Bumblebee with opportunity to
move closer for some hand to hand combat or remain at a distance and continue
hurling cars in Barricade's direction. After depleting some of his health a
cut scene occurs and Barricade is off to find Sam. Quickly move toward the 
green dot (Sam's location) on the map by moving in the direction of the map's 
arrow. Arrive before Barricade and you fight him some more. (During any of the 
chases if Barricade beats Bumblebee to Sam's position it is mission over and
retry from the beginning). Fighting Barricade is exactly the same. Attack with 
objects and Bumblebee should perform quite well. When Barricade's HP is 
depleted even more its a race to the power plant. 

The power plant is the location of the final fight against Barricade. The 
strategy is still the same. Keep you distance and hurl whatever objects you can
find at him. The large white tanks work well as do the near by smoke stacks. 
Any time his arms spin move away. Fortunately, as his arms rotate his moving 
speed seems to diminish and it is quite easy to avoid him. Another key point is
to locate the giant heart encased in a clear cube. This heart will replenish a 
portion of Bumblebee's health. The health boost also regenerates periodically
so make sure to look for it whenever necessary.

Chapter 4: Air Traffic Control                                       [SBB4]   

Objective: Destroy the radio towers and power generators

Optimus provides Bumblebee with some landing coordinates and asks that he ready
the signal at the communications Center. Apparently, the radio towers and 
generators are preventing a strong signal from being sent to the Autobots not
allowing them to join their comrade on Earth.

The radio towers are marked on the map in red while the generators are 
lightning bolts. There is one tower on each of the two buildings in front of 
Bumblebee as well as a generator at ground level on each side of the area. 
Fire your weapon to take out the towers. Do the same or use melee attacks for
the generators. Immediately after they are destroyed a one minute countdown 
begins. Move to the next area on the map and destroy several more towers and
generators. (It is in the area with the towers that I found out the 
Transformers can climb buildings by moving close to it and pressing up on the
analog stick). Once the objects are destroyed Bumblebee has another minute
to reach the power plant and clear the landing zone. (It seems that the landing
zone should be cleared already since we wiped the floor with Barricade here).
Destroy all the white tanks and the landing zone is clear.

B. More than Meets the Eye                                           [MTM]

Chapter 1 Obstruction of Justice                                     [MTM1]

Objective: Race through the city and cause a distraction

Bumblebee is gone for the time being and Jazz is not on duty. Take control of
the wheel and direct Jazz to the green beacon to initiate a cut scene. The goal
is to speed from landmark to landmark destroying certain structure so that the
remaining Autobots can escape. There will be yellow circles on the map move
to each circle and drive through the purple light located there to continue the
mission. Upon hitting each of the checkpoints the timer resets. After the third
checkpoint Jazz needs to move to the red dot and destroy  the building with
the explosive looking icon. After destroying the 3 nearby buildings, its off
to the races again. Hit the purple icon then destroy the tanker truck indicated
by the red dot on the map. Move through two more checkpoints and destroy 
another tanker truck. Its off to another duo of checkpoints, another building,
and two more checkpoints before mission is complete.

While running around the area remember that its crucial to hit each checkpoint.
When nearing a checkpoint stop the car transform and walk to the purple light
if you must, just be sure to hit the light. When the cops and tanks are moving
at you or impeding your progress use your weapon to knock them out of the way.
Finally it is much easier to destroy the necessary structures by transforming
and melee attacking the object to be destroyed. It takes less time to hit it 
with Jazz's fist than it does with his weapon.

Chapter 2 A Friend in Need                                          [MTM2]

Objective: Fight off the Decepticons 

Jazz is now cornered by sector 7 and could use a hand. Optimus calls in 
Ironhide to assist Jazz. Locate the green beacon and drive there to activate
the mission. After a short cut scene, Ironhide  is off to find Jazz. Locate him
by moving to the area the green arrow on the map is directing you to. Destroy
the Decepticon drones in the area (at least four) and continue to the next
battle zone. Throughout the mission you will see an icon in the top right 
corner of the screen. This new meter represents Jazz's health if it fully
depletes its mission over and retry from the beginning.

The second battle zone is slightly different. There are two easily defeated 
drones and a third Decepticon that is a little tougher. The second one is a 
nearby tow truck that transforms as Ironhide approaches. Melee attacks do not 
work as well because this enemy is constantly swinging. Approach him like we
did Barricade. Throw any nearby object at him to lower his offense. When he 
stops swinging move in for some melee attacks. Now that he is gone run over the
hill toward the police station and jump the fence. When back on the road, drive
to Jazz's next position. This time there are several smaller drones that are
mostly an annoyance. The main problem is the Decepticon that is in a constant
state of attack that will not allow Ironhide to approach. It is the same 
strategy as above hurl objects at it to lower its attack then move in. This 
time though it is tougher because there seems to be a constant supply of 
smaller drones on the attack. It helps to circle around the "tow truck" to 
avoid the smaller drones and then hurl an object. The smaller drones mostly 
go down with one or two melee attacks. On to the next checkpoint to save Jazz.

The first thing you will notice about the Decepticon Ironhide fights in the 
construction yard is no attack (melee or weapon) will phase him. The only way
to beat him is to throw a large object at him. If the throw connects it will
knock him down, at which time Ironhide needs to run to the fallen enemy, pick
him up and give him a toss. Objects that definitely knock him down include the
construction site vehicles (dump truck, mixer) and the large gray crates to
the rear of the site. I may be wrong but normal sized car did not seem to 
damage him at all. Be quick about moving toward him for the throw. He gets up 
fairly quickly and you must knock him down again. Once he has been thrown (I 
think it was) four times its mission complete.

Chapter 3 Flight of the Bumblebee                                   [MTM3]

Objective: Chase after the helicopter

Bumblebee is in trouble. He has been captured and is in the process of being 
taken away by a helicopter. Optimus Prime must follow the helicopter in an 
attempt to save the yellow Autobot.

This mission is not overly difficult. There will be a helicopter icon on the 
map. The icon is enclosed in a circle. In order to complete the mission Optimus
Prime must follow the helicopter throughout the city. If the dot indicating the
Autobot exits the circle around the helicopter icon then a timer will appear on
screen. If Optimus can not find and close in on the helicopter before the time
expires its mission over.

Optimus Prime is the best Autobot for the mission. His size allows him to bust
through the police barricades with ease. Though he is not necessarily built for
speed, he seems to control a little less erratic than some of the other 
Transformers in the game. At times, the helicopter will fly over buildings. 
Optimus has two choices: drive around the building or transform and climb the
building. It is much easier to remain with the helicopter and quicker to just 
climb the buildings in the way. Once back on the ground return to semi form and
hit the gas. 

Chapter 4 Heavy Weapon                                              [MTM4]

Objective: Defeat Shockwave and save the town

The helicopter escapes due to a meteor striking Optimus just as he was about
to rescue his friend. The meteor does not to appear to be an Autobot. Optimus

Two new meters appear on screen. One is Shockwave's HP and the other is a 
damage meter for how much damage has occurred to the city. At first Shockwave is
in cannon form, pick up a tree or light pole and use it to knock some sense 
into this Decepticon. Once he transforms continue with close range melee 
attacks. Optimus can easily stand toe to toe with Shockwave. When Shockwave's
health begins to wane he will run to a different part of the city. Optimus must
give chase and remain close or a timer (as in the previous mission will) 
appear. Once Shockwave is found continue close range melee attacks until he is
defeated. Overall this was a very simple boss fight. No tricks or strategy just
strictly machine versus machine.

C. Inside Hoover Dam                                                  [HVD]

Chapter 1 Breakout                                                    [HVD1] 

Objective: Break down the blast doors and stop the security drones

Bumblebee is able to escape the grasp of Sector 7 and now needs to reach the
control room to disable the enemy's systems. Allow the green map arrow to 
direct Bumblebee to the control room to activate the next mission.

There is a metal door just ahead. Try all you want to use Bumblebee's weapon
on it and you will not in begin to destroy it. Instead melee it into submission
Once the door is down a cut scene shows a security drone move by. Catch up to 
and destroy the drone before it can activate the alarm. As Bumblebee gives 
chase constantly fire the heavy or light weapon to create some damage. This 
initial drone gave me fits at first. I could not seem to destroy it before the
alarm activated. Finally when nearing the end of the chase I turned opposite
the drone and was able to move in front of it placing Bumblebee between the 
alarm system and the drone. If you are able to destroy the drone before it 
reaches the alarm, Bumblebee will then need to rush back to the initial door 
that was destroyed. In the event that the timer reaches zero before Bumblebee 
reaches the "action zone" its mission over and retry from the beginning. 

After finding the initial destroyed door, destroy the next one and chase down
a second drone. This drone takes a different path than the previous drone. It
doesn't matter though it still has to be destroyed. Race back to destroy 
another door. This time though if you like you may want to destroy the four 
missile launchers in the hall. They are more of a nuisance than a real problem
but its always good to blow things up. After destroying this door 2 drones are
released. I don't know if I just started getting used to Bumblebee's control
but the two drones seemed much easier than the first single drone. This is the
last time you will have to race back to the hallway because the door that 
was destroyed provides access to the control room.

Chapter 2 Tunnel Vision                                            [HVD2] 

Objective: Destroy the cooling fans and escape the ensuing blast

Optimus wants a containment field taken out, in order to accomplish this 
request Bumblebee must find the next green beacon to initiate the next mission.

Bumblebee is traveling down a long corridor with numerous explosions occurring
all around. A one minute countdown begins as the mission starts. Bumblebee 
needs to reach the end of the corridor before time runs out. The main focus 
here is control. Speed is not necessarily crucial. Keep good control (even 
though its difficult) and a steady pace. Remember to use the strong and 
weak weapons to clear debris that falls in front of the car.

Making it through to the other end increases the timer to two minutes. Now 
Bumblebee must race around the area and destroy 5 cooling fans. Just like 
the doors previously, Bumblebee's weapons will not harm the fans. Transform
from car to bot and melee the fan. Each fan is at the end of a long tunnel.
When you near the fan quickly transform and begin attacking it. After the fan 
is destroyed run a few steps away from the fan then return to car form and race
out of the tunnel in the same manner as the beginning of the mission. Its 
important to run away from the fan before transforming because its possible to
get stuck near the fan as it explodes thereby destroying Bumblebee in the 
process. Each time Bumblebee successfully exits the tunnel, time is added to
the clock. Also, each trip through the exploding tunnel lowers Bumblebee's 
health. In between trips you may want to quickly pick up some health icons to 
replenish before attempting the next tunnel. There is also a health icon in 
each tunnel as  Bumblebee nears the fan.

Chapter 3 Power Drain                                           [HVD3]

Objective: Throw the generators before they explode

Another timed mission, Hooray, there is nothing better in video games than
timed missions and escort missions. Those are my favorite. (The sarcasm meter
should be sounding off right now). There are five generators to throw and two
minutes to accomplish the task. The generators are marked on the map with green
circles. After arriving at one of the map markers, you will wonder where are 
the generators? There are only white tanks and wall around here. The
generators are hidden from view at the top of the structures indicated by the 
green dot on the map. Find a good place to climb or just destroy some of the
pipe to create a climbable area. Once at the top, pick up the generator and 
throw it anywhere you like. Try to throw it so that it hits something at a 
distance because the subsequent explosion will create some damage for 
Bumblebee. With each generator that is destroyed more time is added to the 
clock, so do not get in too much of a hurry.

Chapter 4: Waking Giant                                           [HVD4]

Objective: Secure the Allspark and wait for it to shrink

There are six clamps holding the Allspark. Move around the giant cube and 
destroy each clamp. For a change, Bumblebee's weapons are quite effective here.
Once the clamps are gone Bumblebee must survive for three minutes in order to
secure the Allspark. Initally, there are only time robot scorpion creatures 
attacking. They are easy enough to defeat by aiming your weapon to the ground.
The also are an excellent supply for health. After 30 seconds have passed, 
Megatron thaws enough to free his weapon and reeks havoc on Bumblebee. 

Defeating this mission can be difficult. Three minutes is a very long time to 
survive especially with Megatron's powerful weapon hitting Bumblebee 
frequently. As mentioned above the scorpions will supply lots of health and
are destroyed easily. Stay on the move constantly. The whole time aim your 
weapon toward the ground and constantly fire. The constant movement is to 
avoid as many shots from Megatron as possible while the constant downward 
shooting is to create as many health icons as possible. If that is not enough
to worry about any time the blast from Megatron knocks you out of the battle 
zone a timer appears that will create a mission over if Bumblebee does not 
return. Oh yeah there are also plenty of military and police to aid in your
destruction. Its just not fair. I was able to defeat the mission on my second 
try just by staying on the move and firing at the ground.

D. The Last Stand                                                    [LSD]

Chapter 1  Exterminator                                         [LSD1]

Objective: Destroy the Energon drones and save Bumblebee

Ironhide to the rescue again. This time he is saving Bumblebee. Two items to 
note at the beginning of the mission are that there is a 0/100 meter and that
Bumblebee needs protection. This mission is super simple. Just run around the 
battle zone firing at the ground. There are so many of the scorpions swarming
around that its practically impossible not to hit them. Bumblebee will not even
really be in danger at all.

Chapter 2 Unfriendly Skies                                      [LSD2]

Objective: Ground Starscream and defeat him

There is a distant explosion that Jazz investigates. Upon starting the mission
Starscream. First thing first, Jazz can not fly and Starscream does, so locate
the Decepticon jet and fire your weapon until he transforms. Once he is on the
ground use melee attacks and nearby objects to weaken the enemy. At times he
will blast away with a constant stream of fire. Use thrown objects to disable
the attack and move in to create some damage yourself. Once it seems as though
Starscream has been defeated Blackout joins the battle.

Blackout will have to be grounded just like Starscream was. His main attack is
with his propeller. When he uses it transform, drive away, turn around, and 
throw something at him. Move in and attack with melee hits. Again once it
seems that he is about to be finished a new part of the battle begins. 

During the next part both Starscream and Blackout attack Jazz at the same time.
This time they have HP meters that appear on the side of the screen as well. 
The key here is to isolate one of the enemies for melee attacks. If you noticed
during the individual battles the Decepticons always pause and turn on their 
shield when you fire your weapon at them. Starscream and Blackout will charge
Jazz simultaneously, you do not want to be in between them. Fire your weapon 
at one to get them to pause then attack the other. Any time it appears you may
run low on health race to the couple heart icons located in the battle area.
Its best if you can focus the melee attacks on one of the two enemies so as 
to even the odds a little. I would recommend destroying Blackout as soon as 
possible. Focus all the melee attacks you can on him. Every time I take out 
Starscream first I would lose to Blackout because he would transform and regain
his HP. With Blackout out of the way Starscream is easy pickins'. Also during
the several times I tried this battle, Starscream frequently may take to the
air and leave Blackout on the ground to fend for himself. If and when this 
happens unleash all you have on Blackout. Even when Starscream lands and rushes
to his aid continue the fight on Blackout in hopes of destroying him. (On a 
personal note this is the only mission I've had to repeat several times before

Chapter 3 For the Fallen                                           [LSD3]

Objective: Destroy Brawl

Ironhide is given the task of making Brawl regret he ever stepped foot on 
Earth. Surprisingly, this is not that difficult of a battle. Brawl is pretty
much a pushover that will run and hide when Ironhide gets the upper hand. To
begin it is one on one. During the initial stage of the battle stay close to
Brawl and engage in a melee offensive. Brawl just stands there and takes his
whoopin' without much resistance. When Ironhide decimates Brawl's health meter,
the Decepticon will flee the battle zone. Upon Brawl's departure, Ironhide
is greeted by at least four Decepticon lackies that can easily be defeated with
your run of the mill melee attacks.

Once the drones are disposed of, Ironhide has 45 seconds to reach Brawl's new
position. A red Autobot symbol appears on the map. Use it as Ironhide's guide
to the next phase of the mission. As you move toward Brawl, you may notice 
missile speeding in your direction. Either continue charging forward (it won't
due tons of damage and there are health icons everywhere), attempt to avoid the
missiles with fancy driving, or take a side street to come up on Brawl's side 
for a semi sneak attack. However you arrive at the new battle zone, transform
quickly and begin melee attacking Brawl once more. Brawl runs again, this time
though he calls more Decepticons to his aid. Ironhide must now defeat six 
Decepticon underlings (oh now how can he possibly overcome these odds) before 
moving on to Brawl. Not that a strategy is needed here but if you enter the 
construction zone nearby the enemies can be lured individually to meet there 
doom. Race toward Brawl's next position arriving within 45 seconds to continue
the battle.

Utilize the same strategy against Brawl, relentless melee attacks. When he 
tucks tail this time, only two enemies will stand in your way of reach Brawl.
The Decepticons of this part of the mission are tougher though (thats not 
really saying much though since everything has been pretty simple thus far). 
One of the Decepticons is swinging a wire that will not allow Ironhide to 
approach without throwing a large object in its direction. The other enemy has
a bullrush attack that will knock the heroic Autobot to the ground. The battle
is much easier if you can dismantle the bullrusher first. In order to 
accomplish this task, hit him with your light weapon. This will freeze him in
his spot and allow Ironhide to approach and attack. Melee works very well. You
may have to stop him twice but no more than three times to turn him into 
shrapnel. After defeating the rusher, take out the more methodical Decepticon
by tossing cars at him then using Ironhide's powerful right fist.

With those two goons out of the way, its one more race to Brawl's position and
victory will side with the Autobots.

Chapter 4 Keep Away                                                [LSD4]

Objective: Keep the AllSpark away from Barricade

The Decepticons are being pushed back by the Autobots. Victory is near but
the evil Transformers are making a final attempt at capturing the AllSpark. The
fight against Barricade is nothing we have not seen before. Close hand to hand
combat is the key to defeating the enemy. When Barricade goes into the old 
spinning arm trick, step back and hurl a car (other objects work as well) at 
him so Bumblebee can move closer for an attack. Deplete Barricade's health and
victory is achieved. 

That is until the subsequent cut scene shows Barricade speed off toward the 
AllSpark. Now Bumblebee must arrive at each location before Barricade to 
prevent the Decepticons from acquiring the all important energy source. 
Bumblebee does not have to follow Barricade in a race to the next position, he
just has to arrive at the green dot first. It seems that if you take the first
left after the chase begins you can follow the street to cut him off just
before he arrives at the green beacon. If successful another battle against
Barricade begins. There is nothing new here. Barricade seems to be a little 
more aggressive but nothing Bumblebee can not handle.

The race to the next checkpoint will not be hard at all (now that you are using
this guide). Instead of moving in the same direction as Barricade turn around, 
transform, and speed down the street. It is basically a straight shot to the
next battle zone. Just avoid being slowed down too much by any other cars or
environmental objects. Defeat Barricade this time and the mission is complete.
The AllSpark is safe...

Except for the fact that Megatron appears and takes out Bumblebee.

E. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall                                 [OSOF]

(Yes, I know I renamed the mission. It just seems a little more appropriate
than the one the developers chose).

Immediately after successfully defeating the previous mission, Optimus Prime is
on screen and Megatron is his target. The first thing I will not is that there
are no health icons lying around the area. The only way to obtain more health
is to shoot down the military helicopters. Megatron will fly overhead twice and
drop some bombs. Stay to the side to avoid the blast radius. Upon his third 
approach Megatron lands. During this stage of battle his primary mode of attack
is a bull rush. Pick up a light pole (better than a car because you can 
maneuver easier). Once Megatron stops running throw the pole and hit him. When
Optimus says "Now you will pay for your crimes on Cybertron" a HP meter appear
for the head of the Decepticons. Its go time. Use melee attacks until his HP 
is gone.

Megatron will then rise to the air and fly by two more times as Optimus demands
he return to "Face justice for all that he has destroyed." When Megatron lands
the second time he will swing a ball and chain like weapon. This prevents 
Optimus from getting too close, but we know how to counter Megatron. Simply
introduce the Decepticon to any thrown object to stop the swirling weapon of
death. When Megatron's guard is down melee until he flies away or the swinging

There will be two more fly bys and Megatron will have a third attack he will
try against Optimus. This time Megatron releases a steady stream of fire at
the Autobot commander. This attack (like all others in the game) is countered
by throwing an object at the enemy. A tree or light pole is best because 
Megatron will run at Optimus in an attempt to hit him with the fire. The 
lighter objects are best (again) for maneuverability. When the flame thrower is
shut off move in for the kill. He runs away once again.

Now, Optimus must avoid the last two fly bys. Make sure you replenish health
at this time, if necessary. After Megatron touches down he will begin a 
sequence of each of the last three attacks Optimus has withstood. The order is
bull rush, swing, and fire. Counter each of the attacks with a thrown object
then attack Megatron hand to hand. He should be destroyed easily.

F. Cybertron Autobot                                                 [CYAT]

This is an extra level that is unlocked by defeating the Autobot missions. 
Basically, its a single Transformer having to go through a gauntlet of 
Decepticons. Defeat all 35 enemies in any amount of time to defeat the level.
Its actually quite simple. There are health icons all around the small area and
the majority of the enemies are defeated easily. The bull rushers though have
to be taken out by firing your weapon to get them to pause and moving in for
some melee attacks.

5. Decepticons Walkthrough                                             [DCW]

A. SOCCENT Military Base                                               [SCM]

Chapter 1 Sand Storm                                                   [SCM1] 

Objective: Level the buildings and destroy the airbase

Blackout is given three minutes and thirty seconds to destroy the airbase. When
the mission stars a timer and percent meter will appear. Basically, just run
around the base firing at all buildings until the damage meter reaches 100%. 
This mission should be absolutely no problem at all.

Chapter 2 Communication Breakdown                                      [SCM2]

Objective: Destroy the mobile communication trucks before time runs out

Blackout sends Scorponok out to destroy some communication trucks to further
the Decpeticon cause. Scorponok is an interesting character to use. Pressing
triangle dives into the sand and allows him to move from site to site quicker
than running. Once a communication truck is found use Scorponok's light and 
heavy weapons to take it out. The light rapid fire weapons works best. Melee 
attacks do not phase the trucks. The mission is timed. Scorponok begins with 
two minutes and time is added after each of the five trucks are destroyed. 
Focus only on the target. It will be guarded but the attacks received will not
be enough to cause any problems.

Chapter 3 Seek and Destroy                                             [SCM3]

Objective: Destroy the communications stations and download the data

Blackout needs some information that is hidden on the base. The information 
is in five parts scattered throughout the area inside communication stations.
Follow the yellow arrows on the map to arrive at 5 separate communication 
areas. There are several buildings in each area destroy all of them until one
turns into a green dot on the map. This green dot indicates the required data
has been found. Move to the building that housed the data and pick up the 
dark green box that remains. The act of picking up the box downloads the data.
Now get rid of the box by tossing it away. Be sure to not hit anything nearby
because the subsequent explosion will deal some damage to Blackout. During the 
entirety of the mission there will be military helicopters attack the 
Decepticon. If Blackout's health begins to disappear hit the attack copters 
with you weapon and they will release health icons to the ground.

Chapter 4 Fire in the Sky                                             [SCM4]

Objective: Destroy all the human jets

This is one big dog fight. Blackout is given six minutes to destroy 20 in 
flight jets. At first the task is not that difficult there are numerous jets
to attack. Basically, there are so many initially that through random fire you
will destroy several. Mainly focus on using the weak attack weapon, its rapid
fire action helps bring down the jets. As the number of jets decreases you will
have to seek out and destroy the others. They are faster than Blackout at
normal speed. Using nitro, eliminates the speed advantage the jets possess. The
key to this mission is accurate aim and the ability to maneuver Blackout's 
helicopter form.

B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky                                          [HSW]

Chapter 1 Rough Justice                                               [HSW1]

Objective: Destroy the Autobots

Barricade is given the pleasure of destroying all Autobots that stand in his
way while searching for Sam Witwicky. As the mission begins there are four 
Autobots nearby that must be destroyed. Locate each using the map and melee
them into submission. Four more quickly appear and need to be dealt with. 

Next race to the next battle zone for some action against four more hero 
Transformers. Three will be simple to defeat with normal melee attacks. A
fourth Autobot in the parking lot next to the hotdog place will use the 
swinging wire trick we repeatedly saw during the Autobot missions. Use an
object to throw at him then move in for the kill. After the initial wave is 
gone four more "normal" Autobots appear. Take them out to complete the mission.

Chapter 2 Race for Frenzy                                          [HSW2]

Objective: Destroy the buildings and find Frenzy

Now, Barricade is off to the power station to find Frenzy. Begin attacking the 
buildings that have the HP meters above them. When Frenzy is found a cut scene
will show him speeding off. Give chase to the next area. Basically, you are 
just destroying buildings and chasing Frenzy. The buildings go down much faster
with melee attacks but still Barricade can get some long range damage from
firing his weapons when moving from building to building.

Chapter 3 Pursuit                                                  [HSW3]

Objective: Prevent Bumblebee from reaching the police station

Arrival at and activation of the next beacon triggers a cut scene where the 
presence of Bumblebee is made known to the Decepticons. Bumblebee is racing to
the police station but it is Barricade's responsibility to see he does not make
his final destination. Follow the yellow Autobot through town. Fire your 
weapons at all times. Once Bumblebee's health is significantly diminished he
will transform. The Autobot will not just stand there and be pummeled by a 
Decepticon. He will attack with his own punches and a shockwave like radial
attack. The radial attack can be fully blocked by press L2 (the block button).
Barricade can know the attack is coming because there is always a blue spark
building near Bumblebee each time it is used. Also, Bumblebee gets in a 
defensive like position where he is concentrating his power for the attack. At
any point you notice either of the two actions (blue spark or change in stance)
press and hold the block button until the wave passes. Bumblebee will 
frequently chain this attack several times. So what Barricade must do is block
and move forward, block and move forward, until he reaches Bumblebee then 

After Bumblebee's health is depleted he races of to the Junkyard. Arrive there
before time runs out and Barricade is met by four Autobots. Upon there 
destruction more appear for a total of 10 (I think) Autobot that attack. They 
are not the best of the best in the Autobot army so Barricade should have no
problems defeating them. 

Chapter 4 Plight of the Bumblebee                                    [HSW4]

Objective: Defeat Bumblebee

Bumblebee presents nothing new since the last time Barricade fought him. He 
still has his radial attack that can be blocked. Alternate blocking and 
moving toward him until you can attack. When his health is low he will drive
away. Transform and move to the next battle zone. Barricade does not have to
beat Bumblebee to each new battle zone, only arrive before time expires. 

The last battle zone is at the power plant. There will be Autobot combatants
other than Bumblebee in the area. For the most part they can be ignored or
easily destroyed with a couple of hits. Focus the attack on Bumblebee. The 
tanks nearby also create a lot of damage. In fact during one play through of 
this mission Bumblebee was destroyed while I was on the other side of the plant
taking care of miscellaneous Autobot.

C. A Gathering Force                                                 [GFC]

Chapter 1  Clearing the Air                                       [GFC1]

Objective: Destroy the radio towers

For the mission the map is disabled. There is nothing but static interference
disrupting Starscream's navigation. Therefore, the communication areas for
destruction are not marked on the map as everything thus far has been. As 
Starscream flies over the military base watch for the map to change. When he
approaches a set of towers red arrows appear on the map indicating the position
of a set of five towers. It is far easier to land and destroy the towers than
it is to fly over head and hit them. When all five are gone take to the air
to search for the next set. In between zones Starscream is given forty-five
seconds to find the next one. It is easy to spot the towers (which mostly look
like satellite dishes) the closer to the ground Starscream flies. During the 
destruction of the towers an Autobot may land as well. Ignore him and focus on
the mission's goal. Destruction of five sets of towers results in a complete

Chapter 2 Sinister Savior                                        [GFC2]

Objective: Destroy the vehicles attacking Bonecrusher

Apparently, Bonecrusher has encountered some resistance. Starscream provides a 
helping hand. Your Decepticon ally is standing right in front of your starting
position. This is basically and escort mission. Starscream needs to keep 
Bonecrusher alive until arrival at the final destination. There is no need to
fly during the mission. It is much easier to just run near Bonecrusher as he 
moves. Initially though, he seems to be frozen in place by the electrical beams
emanating from the structures on the ground. Take them out and Bonecrusher will
transform and drive away. Follow him to the next area, firing you weapon ahead
of him. The firing helps clear a path (may not be necessary) and begins the 
destruction of the next set of structures creating an electrical stop. An 
Autobot may try to disrupt the process, but there really is no need to worry
bout him. Just let him stay at a distance shooting his flame thrower while you
concentrate on getting Bonecrusher to his destination.

Chapter 3 Fireworks                                              [GFC3]

Objective: Destroy all the human jets and retrieve their wreckage

There are 10 military jets that Starscream must not only destroy but search 
their wreckage. Unfortunately, he is only given 6 minutes to complete the 
mission (don't worry it is plenty of time). When a jet is destroyed a green dot
appears on the map marking the location of its wreckage. Move to the dot and 
pick up the wreckage to add a mark to the counter on screen. It seemed much 
easier and more timely to destroy all the jets first then fly from green dot to
green dot picking up the wreckage. When throwing the wreckage be sure to look 
up and in the distance so as to not let it hit nearby. When the thrown wreckage
hits an explosion is created that can decrease Starscream's health. So you know
when to search the wreckage, either keep a count of how many jets have been 
grounded or wait for no more jets to be in the air.

Chapter 4 Warpath                                                 [GFC4]

Objective: Destroy the vehicles attacking Brawl and Bonecrusher

This mission is very similar to Sinister Savior. Now though Brawl needs 
assistance in addition to Bonecrusher. The same electric devices are present
impeding the two Decepticon's progress. The trick with this mission though is
that both Decepticons need to survive and reach their destination. Destroy all
of the electrical devices and allow your ally to proceed. Quickly transform
and fly to the other Decepticon and do the same. Repeat the process until 
Bonecrusher and Brawl are safe.

D. City of the Machines                                           [CMC]

Chapter 1  Nowhere to Run                                         [CMC1]

Objective: Defeat Jazz

There are three phases to this battle. Barricade's single goal is the 
destruction of Jazz. The first phase is steal versus steal clash. Move straight
toward Jazz and just melee like crazy. He does not really have much of a 
defense for this. It is actually possible to pin him up against a building and
beat him into submission. Just stay on the offensive and do not let up. When 
his health is depleted he will transform and run away.

During the next phase of battle, it is not just good enough to chase Jazz 
through  the city. Barricade must diminish Jazz's health enough so that he 
transforms and stage three can begin. Keep constant fire on the Autobot. 
Hopefully, you will be able to full catch up to him and even pass Jazz. If 
Barricade is able to pass Jazz this part is much easier. When Jazz is behind
Barricade transform and begin to attack the Jazz's car form to inflict a large
amount of damage. He will transform and then all that is necessary is constant
melee attacks comparable to the beginning of the fight.

Chapter 2 Energon Overload                                        [CMC2]

Objective: Destroy the Energon Drones

Scorponok is entrusted with taking out the drones being created by the presence
of the AllSpark. There really is no strategy involved here but to destroy all 
of the drones as quick as possible so no more are created. Remember that 
Scorponok can dive underground for quicker movement. Continue to move among the
red dots on the map destroying all drones there. 

Chapter 3 The Mighty Will Fall                                    [CMC3]

Objective: Defeat Ironhide

Blackout is the chosen Decepticon for this mission. All that stands between the
him and the AllSpark is Ironhide. After Blackout is through though, Ironhide 
should not be able to stand at all. This may very well be the most difficult
battle in the game.

Ironhide is standing in the distance. Do not worry about him at first. He will
be invincible to your attacks. Focus on the minion Autobots that are in the 
area. When they are defeated a health meter appears for Ironhide. Now Blackout
can go after the Autobot weapons specialist. Ironhide will bullrush around the
area. Do not stand in his way. Wait for him to stop then attack and do not
stop the melee offense until you notice his health meter disappears and/or a 
blue light appears near him. The blue (just like against Bumblebee earlier) 
indicates he is going to unleash a powerful attack. Once the light appears hold
block until the attack stops then run away and focus on the new wave of 

Each wave after the second will include at least one swinging enemy. He like 
the others is defeated by tossing a large object in his direction then moving 
in for the attack. After the Autobots are gone its time to fight Ironhide again.
The last wave will not only include swinging Autobots but also ones that will
rush. The trouble here is the Autobots that rush are somewhat over powered.
They really put some damage on Blackout. Try and take them out first by
following one until it stops. Once it stops attack no more than three hits then
run away. If you attack more than that Blackout is left open for a rush attack.
Taking out the rushers is crucial to getting another shot at Ironhide. The 
swinging enemies move slower and are therefore slightly less dangerous. 
Constant movement helps a great deal also. Too many times Blackout would lose 
too much health from human artilery because of standing in one spot.
Basically the key points are:

           1. Stay away from Ironhide when there are other Autobots on the map
           2. Defeat the Autobots to get a shot at Ironhide
           3. Watch for Autobots for spinning chains (there may be more than 1)
           4. When fighting Ironhide wait for him to stop charging then attack
           5. If you see a blue charge of energy near Ironhide run
           6. When the rushing Autobots appear focus on them first
           7. See number 1

Chapter 4 Devastation                                               [CMC4]

Objective: Destroy the city and find Optimus Prime

Now it is time for pure evil. Megatron's mission begins with a percentage 
gauge and a one minute thirty second timer. Use melee and weapon attacks to 
create as much destruction as possible. When you create 100% damage in the 
surrounding area a message will appear directing Megatron to the battle zone.
Transform and move to the blue Autobot symbol on the map. There will be lots 
of Autobots for Megatron to rip apart. Continue to fight the heroic 
Transformers until all are defeated. The majority of them will be simple to
destroy. There will be a swinger and a rusher mixed in. Once the Autobots in
the zone are taken out Megatron will need to go on another rampage destroying
the city. Now there will be another battle zone so Megatron can feed his 
cravenous appetite for Autobot destruction. When the Autobots are gone get 
another 100% destruction to reveal the location of the last battle zone. When
you arrive at the blue Autobot marker a battle will not begin. Instead Megatron
must climb the building to initate a cutscene and begin the fight against 
Optimus Prime.

E. The Day of the Machines                                          [DMC]

The battle begins with Optimus and Megatron with a heroic speech from the 
Autobot commander. Initially, just charge Optimus and use melee attacks. He 
will not deal out nearly the damage that Megatron will. As Optimus' health 
decreases to zero he will run away. Follow him until the return to the battle
zone message appears. As Megatron gives chase take note of the general 
direction Optimus ran. This is necessary since the map is in a state of static.
Defeat the drone Autobots then find Optimus before the 1 minute time limit runs
out. Optimus should have ran toward the park (where the Ironhide battle took 
place) and left.

Arrive at Optimus for another short battle. When Optimus runs, more Autobots
appear. This time there is a yellow bot with shoulder pads. In order to defeat
him Megatron must throw an object and knock the padded Autobot to the ground.
Quickly move to the fallen enemy and pick him up. Now throw him somewhere. 
After three throws the yellow Autobot should explode. Defeat the other small
red enemies then locate Optimus again. It is a little tricky to describe his 
location. Basically, take the street that runs parallel to the length of the 
park. Optimus will be to the left.

Defeat Mr. Prime once again to face one swinging Autobot and another yellow
shoulder padded Autobot. The new location for Optimus Prime is a little past
the construction site in an open area that has tables with umbrellas. Defeat
Optimus again so Megatron can face a swinging Autobot and a flame throwing 
Autobot. Optimus is nearby and should not be hard to find this (the final)
time. When you arrive it is much like the rest of the battle against him,
except he seems to move a little quicker. Anyway, all Megatron has to do is 
continue the melee offense until the Autobots are no more.

F. Cybertron: Decepticon                                            [CYDC]

Nothing really special here. It is similar to Cybertron: Autobot previously 
discussed. Megatron just needs to destroy 35 Autobots in any amount of time 
needed. Mainly, use the health icons as needed and fight your way through 35
mostly easily defeated Autobots

6. Autobot Challenges                                               [ATCG]

Simple: Should be able to complete on first attempt

Easy: May take a two or three failed attempt to determine a pattern or become
      familiar with the concept

Normal: Five or more failed attempts before finally overcoming the challenge
        would not be surprising.

Hard: A high amount of skill or an even higher amount of luck will be required.
      Events may have to unfold just right for the challenge to be defeated.

A. The Suburbs                                                      [ATCG1]


Location:  Near the Sam's House part of town just down the street from the 
           beacon that begins Chapter 2 Guardian Angel.

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Hunt down and destroy the vehicles, 4 in 5:00

Strategy:  Each car for the most part circles around the same area. Find the 
           car by moving to the green dots on the map. At this point its 
           easy to transform in a spot where the car will be moving toward 
           you. Melee it until it stops/turns over then fire the heavy weapon.
           Five minutes is plenty of time to take them all out

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  On top of a large "Fuel Oil Tank" in the Power Plant.

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 cogs in 2:30

Strategy:  Simply circle around the Power Plant watching the map for the green
           dots that indicate the location of a cog. Car form is not necessary
           to collect all the cogs. Don't forget to check on top of the 
           buildings as well.
Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Next to Chip Chase's Drive Thru down the street from Chapter 1 
           Uninvited Guests.

Autobot:   Bumblebee
Objective: Get to all the points within the time limit, 2:00

Strategy:  When the fourth marker is reached there is a tricky turn through the
           purple marker into the alley. There is a better chance to finish the
           race if you make this turn successfully. Bumblebee does not have to
           touch each of the markers only drive by them.

Difficulty: Normal


Location:  This challenged is located next to the bulding beside Bolivia's Used
           Car Lot.

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Push all drones out of the ring within the time limit, 18 in 5:00

Strategy:  There will be 16 drones that Bumblebee can combo out of the ring.  
           The remaining two drones will be thrown out after hitting them with
           an environmental object and knocking them to the ground.

Difficulty: Easy

B. More Than Meets the Eye                                          [ATCG2]


Location:  At the Mall near the beacon for Chapter 1 Obstruction of Justice

Autobot:   Ironhide

Objective: Kill all the enemies, 11 in 5:00

Strategy:  There is nothing two complicated here. There will be 9 normal drones
           that can be only need melee attacks for destruction and 2 swingers
           that will have to be hit with a thrown object first.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  From the beacon for chapter 2 A Friend in Need, move down the street
           away from the Sumo challenge. The challenge is located at the police

Autobot:   Jazz

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 4:00

Strategy:  During this Scavenger mission the area has more hiding spots than 
           previously at the Power Plant. There are several on top of buidings
           and fortunately the Cogs are positioned in clusters. When you 
           approach one there will usually be several on the map. Check out
           the police station for several. When you come down to a few left
           transform into Jazz's car form to cover more ground in the search
           for the last one(s).

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Down the street from the Race Challenge and the Chapter 2 Beacon. It
           is near the baseball field.

Autobot:   Optimus Prime

Objective: Get to all the points within the time limit, 2:00

Strategy:  Optimus may not seem like the ideal Transformer to use in a race but
           he handles fairly well and can plow right through any obstacle that
           may slow him down. The distance covered is small for the amount of
           time available. I got turned around once, had to transform into
           Autobot form twice (got stuck), and was still able to hit all the 
           checkpoints in time.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  On top of a building next to the beacon for Chapter 2 A Friend in 

Autobot:   Optimus Prime

Objective: Push the drones out of the ring within the time limit, 18 in 5:00

Strategy:  This Sumo is slightly more difficult than the first for the simple
           fact that the swinging enemies are a pain. There will be at least
           3 that will need to be knocked out of the ring. Initially move in 
           circles around the field to take out the normal drones. Once 
           they are eliminated use the pieces of fence to stop the swinging 
           and knock the white Decepticons out of the ring.

Difficulty: Easy

C. Inside Hoover Dam                                                [ATCG3]


Location:  Directly across from the beacon that begins Chapter 4 Waking Giant

Autobot:   Bumblebee 

Objective: Hunt down and destroy the vehicles, 4 in 2:00

Strategy:  The area is so confined that once you find the vehicle its easy to 
           melee it over and fire your weapon. 

Difficulty: Normal


Location:  Near the location of Chapter 1 Breakout

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 2:30

Strategy:  Driving around the area for quick movement is a must. There are
           three cogs located in areas that can only be accessed by climbing.
           Climbing in these two areas will slow Bumblebee down and may cause
           time to run out.

Difficulty: Normal


Location:  Beginning at the Hunt Challenge, move past frozen Megatron and 
           continue until the challenge marker is visible.

Autobot:   Bumblebee
Objective: Get to all the points within the time limit, 2:00

Strategy:  Control is the key. There are several turns as well as areas where
           an obstrution will jut out of the wall. It is easy to get stuck and
           the road is not clearly defined. The last stretch is down a tunnel 
           providing a good oppourtunity to use the turbo (though it is 
           possible to pass the challenge without turbo at all).

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Beginning at the Hunt challenge, move past frozen Megatron and take
           the 2nd right.

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Push the drones out of the ring within the time limit, 18 in 5:00

Strategy:  Three enemies will be on screen at once. They will include two 
           normal drones to combo out of the ring and 1 enemy that will need
           an object thrown to knock him down (at which point Bumblebee can
           pick him up and toss him). The map here though is in the shape of
           a "+". So enemies can only be thrown out at the arms of the "+".

Difficulty: Simple

D. The Last Stand                                                   [ATCG4]


Location:  In the construction zone located in the corner of the map near the 
           beacons for Chapter 4 Keep Away and Chapter 2 Unfriendly Skies.

Autobot:   Bumblebee

Objective: Kill all the enemies, 11 in 5:00

Strategy:  Attack, Attack, and Attack some more

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Down the street from the beacon for chapter 3 For the Fallen toward
           Chip Chase's Drive Thru (the resturant with the large fries and 
           drink on the roof).

Autobot:   Bumblebee  

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 2:30

Strategy:  Get the ones near the resturant first. Now move to the top of the 
           building and jump from building to building getting the cogs that
           are up high. Once they are obtained the rest are easy to find at 
           ground level.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Beginning at the beacon for Chapter 4 Keep Away, move in the 
           direction away from the construction site. The challenge marker is
           in the corner of the map.
Autobot:   Ironhide

Objective: Get to all the points within the time limit, 1:50

Strategy:  Much like the Optimus Prime race earlier, this race is not very 
           difficult. Ironhide handles fairly well and will run right through
           most obstacles in his way.

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Central Park

Autobot:   Jazz

Objective: Push the drones out of the ring within the time limit, 18 in 5:00

Strategy:  The Autobots have a move that we have seldom used thus far. If they
           jump into the air and melee attack, the Transformer will send their
           fist crashing into the ground creating a radial wave of energy that
           sends enemies flying back. This is the action of choice for 
           defeating this challenge 

Difficulty: Normal to Hard

7. Decepticon Challenges                                            [DCCG]
Simple: Should be able to complete on first attempt

Easy: May take a two or three failed attempt to determine a pattern or become
      familiar with the concept

Normal: Five or more failed attempts before finally overcoming the challenge
        would not be surprising.

Hard: A high amount of skill or an even higher amount of luck will be required.
      Events may have to unfold just right for the challenge to be defeated.

A. SOCCENT Military Base                                            [DCCG1]


Location:  Begin at the beacon for Chapter 1 Sand Storm and follow the road to
           the curve. Move around the curve and continue forward. Do not take 
           the side diagonal road. The challenge is just ahead.

Decepticon: Scorponok

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 5:00

Strategy:  Keep Scorponok on the move constantly, if he's not moving he's 
           likely dead. Pick up health icons as much as possible. The time
           limit is not overly small but Scorponok can not dive into the ground
           in most of the area. Covering the outside of the base can lead to 
           many cogs relatively quick. If the challenged is not beaten it will
           most likely be due to Scorponok's death not lack of time.

Difficulty: Normal


Location:  It is located in the US Military Base near the beacon for Chapter 3
           Seek and Destroy

Decepticon: Scorponok

Objective: Damage all in site within the time limit, 100% in 2:00

Strategy:  Scorponok is a difficult decision for use in this challenge. His 
           power is not very strong. Constantly fire your weapons, alternating
           between light and heavy. Completely stay away from all Autobots. 
           Destroying smaller objects works best for this Decepticon. Near the
           beginning there are several small barracks and light towers that can
           provide some quick easy percentage points.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Supply Depot East

Decepticon: Blackout

Objective: Kill all the enemies, 11 in 5:00

Strategy:  There are two enemies with the constantly spinning wire that you
           Blackout will need to take out. Connect with a thrown object and
           attack. This challenge is striaght forward.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Supply Depot West


Objective: Push all drones out of the ring within the time limit, 18 in 5:00

Strategy: Combo the little green enemies. This will knock them back out of the
          ring. There are 16 such enemies to force out of the ring. The other
          two are yellow Autobots that have to be first knocked to the ground
          with a object (tank) then picked up and thrown out of the ring. The
          only problem is the random exlposions that may knock Blackout far 
          out of the ring.

Difficulty: Easy

B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky                                        [DCCG2]


Location:  In the wooded area next to the High School

Decepticon: Barricade

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 2:30

Strategy: Nothing that really has not been said. The cogs are pretty easy to 

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  The Power Plant

Decepticon: Barricade

Objective: Damage all in site within the time limit, 100% in 2:00

Strategy:  Make stuff go Boom! Attack the small buildings and the white 
           tanks in the center, even the Autobots if you like.

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  From Chapter 4 Plight of the Bumblebee (located at the Police 
           Station). Move toward the mall away from the grassy area. Take
           a right down the first street.

Decepticon: Barricade

Objective: Hunt down and destroy the vehicles, 4 in 5:00

Strategy:  Get in front of the cars and kick them over. Once they are knocked
           on their side/top fire away. The key is to watch the patter of the
           cars each one travels the same route.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Housing Estate North

Decepticon: Barricade

Objective: Push all drones out of the ring within the time limit, 30 in 5:00

Strategy: Use a combination of the ground pound move and combos to knock all
          of these red Autobots, large and small, out of our ring.

Difficulty: Simple

C. A Gathering Force                                                [DCCG3]


Location:  Aircraft Depot in the open near a large plane

Decepticon: Starscream

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 2:00

Strategy: Just finding more cogs.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  Near the Main Runway

Decepticon: Starscream

Objective: Damage all in site within the time limit, 100% in 2:00

Strategy: Run a circle around the perimeter of the battle zone destroying 
          everything inside it with the heavy weapon. When it is all destroyed
          the percentage will not equal 100%. 

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Aircraft Depot between a couple of hangars.

Decepticon: Starscream

Objective: Kill all the enemies, 11 in 5:00

Strategy: Nine of the eleven enemies are easily defeated Autobots. The other 
          2 are swingers. 

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Near an air tower reasonably close to the beacon for Chapter 3 

Decepticon: Starscream

Objective: Push all drones out of the ring within the time limit, 20 in 5:00

Strategy: Two of the enemies will be swingers. The objects you have available
          for throwing are not stationary. They will move in and out of the
          ring but slowly. Use combos or the ground pound shockwave to take
          out the 20 Autobots.

Difficulty: Simple

D. City of the Machines                                             [DCCG4]


Location:  Behind the bird statue located in central park

Decepticon: Barricade

Objective: Hunt down and destroy the vehicles, 4 in 5:00

Strategy: Drive around and observe the pattern of the cars as you move. Attempt
          to manuever in front of them (i.e. cut them off at the pass), so that
          Barricade can melee then weapon attack them.

Difficulty: Normal


Location:  Just behind the beacon that begins Chapter 1 Nowhere to Run

Decepticon: Blackout

Objective: Damage all in site within the time limit, 100% in 2:00

Strategy:  Stay away from the two swinging Autobots and attack all the 
           buildings with Blackout's heavy weapon while circling the area.

Difficulty: Simple


Location:  Near the Construction Site under the Hounds hotdog sign on Main 

Decepticon: Scorponok

Objective: Find all the cogs within the time limit, 20 in 2:30

Strategy: The only reason this may be even remotely difficult is the simple 
          fact that Scorponok is very slow if he can not dive into the ground.

Difficulty: Easy


Location:  City Boulevard West on the street behind the beacon for Chapter 4 
           Devastation. Its located among the palm trees near the water.

Decepticon: Megatron

Objective: Push the drones out of the ring within the time limit, 12 in 5:00

Strategy: This Sumo challenge takes place in a very restricted area. There 
          are also two swingers to start the challenge. If possible try to 
          throw a tree at each of them to disable their wire, before knocking
          Autobots out of the area. Once they are disarmed begin using the 
          ground pound/combo strategy from previous Sumo Challenges.

Difficulty: Normal

8. Autobot Icons                                                    [AIC]

The directions to the icons use area landmarks, chapter beacon locations, and
challenge locations. In order to find some icons based on beacon locations you
would have to at least finish the first three chapters of each level. This way
all the beacons are on the map.

A. The Suburbs                                                      [AIC1]

1. The roof of the High School located at the beacon for Chapter 3 Protect and

2. On top of a large "Fuel Oil Tank" in the Power Plant.

3. Behind Bolivia's Used Car Lot. The car lot can be found by moving to Chapter
   3 Serve and Protect (basically the High School) and moving in the direction
   opposite the location of Chapter 4 Air Traffic Control.

4. Behind the billboard across the street from the Hunt challenge

5. Two streets away from the High School sits the Mall. An icon is on the roof
   of the Mall.

B. More Than Meets the Eye                                          [AIC2]

1. From the Race Challenge, turn your back to the baseball field. Now look up
   and to the left of the screen. The Icon is on top of the row of buildings

2. Move to the beacon for Chapter 4 Heavy Weapon and position the Autobot 
   toward the Power Plant. You should be standing with Bolivia's car lot on
   the left. Move forward and to the right is a wooded area. The Icon is near
   the health boost. It is difficult to see because of the darkness but is 

3. Stand directly in front of the police station. Look down the street so that
   the Scavenger Challenge is on the Autobot's right. Pass by one street and 
   climb over the buildings on the right. The buildings should have a Shape
   Shifter billboard and a Seaspray's Fish and Chips sign. The icon is in the 
   open area behind the buildings.

4. In the parking lot behind the building with the giant hotdog next to the 
   baseball field

5. The Icon is behind the buildings that are directly behind the police station
C. Inside Hoover Dam                                                [AIC3]

1. Beginning at the beacon for Chapter 3 Power Drain, move away from the 
   location of the Sumo Challenge. Take the first right and do not enter the 
   long tunnel. You will pass a health icon and then there will be an open
   area to the right with some large drum like objects. The Icon is in the
   corner of this area.

2. Inside the control room. The area down the hall from Chapter 1 Breakout.
3. Directly in front of frozen Megatron

4. From the beacon to begin chapter 4 Waking Giant, move away from frozen
   Megatron passing the Hunt Challenge. Take the second left and climb the 
   wall for a token.

5. Starting at the beacon for Chapter 3 Power Drain, head directly for the 
   Sumo Challenge (its the direction away from the closest tunnels). Look to
   the left and the Icon is floating above a health pick up in an indented 
   portion of the wall.

D. The Last Stand                                                   [AIC4]

1. Climb the very tall building across from Chapter 4 Keep Away

2. Move to the Scavenger Challenge. Jump onto the top of the fast food 
   resturant across the street. Climb the building to the right of Chip Chase's
   Drive Thru. Move straight ahead to the buildings across the street and you
   will find an Icon.

3. In front of the bird statue located in Central Park

4. While in Central Park looking at the bird statue, glance up and to the left
   to see an Icon on top of a nearby building

5. Move to the beacon for Chapter 3 For the Fallen. The Icon is on top of the
   tall building next to the 24 hour Coffee Shop.

7. Decepticon Icons                                                 [DPI]
The directions to the icons use area landmarks, chapter beacon locations, and
challenge locations. In order to find some icons based on beacon locations you
would have to at least finish the first three chapters of each level. This way
all the beacons are on the map.

A. SOCCENT Military Base                                            [DPI1]

1. From the beginning of chapter 1 Sand Storm, follow the road around the 
   curve. Once the through the curve look to the left. There is an icon next to
   the first building visible.

2. Begin at the Scavenger challenge located near icon 1. Continue down the road
   going in the direction opposite the first icon. Take the next curve as it 
   veers to the left. On the right there is a building with a health pickup on
   top of it. The icon is behind the building

3. The center of the Bedouin Village

4. The Icon is located on the ground between the Bedouin Village and Supply 
   Depot West. It is among several communication dishes

5. Near the Attack Challenge at Supply Depot East, its at ground level between
   the barracks and the tanks

B. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky                                        [DPI2]

1. Beginning at the Mall, find the portion of the Mall where "Entrance" and
   "Welcome" are written on the pavement. Move to the left and cross the 
   street. Enter the alley and wall between the walls. 

2. This icon is located near the beacon for Chapter 3 Pursuit. It is in a part
   of the map aptly named Sam's House. Move up the incline from the chapter 
   beacon. The icon is behind the third house on the left. It is a brown house
   with a brick foundation and there is a health icon in the front yard.

3. The Sumo challenge is located in Housing Estate North. Move to the challenge
   and stand behind and to the left of it so that you can see to health icons 
   on the right side of the screen. Drive up the street toward the second 
   health boost and take the first right. On the map you should notice that
   you are headed to an area where the road stops. The Icon sits between the 
   first two homes on the left at the dead end street.

4. Move to the Scavenger Challenge and stand looking at the challenge marker
   with your back to the High School

5. Begin at the mall. Find the blue Metroplex Tranquility Mall sign with the
   work exit on the pavement below it (the other sign has Welcome). Now adjust
   the Decepticon so that his back is to the sign. Drive straight down the 
   street. You will move up a small incline and come to an area where the 
   road splits into four paths. From left to right, the Icon is down the 3rd

C. A Gathering Force                                                [DPI3]

1. Beginning at the beacon for Chapter 4 Warpath in the Tank Depot, move down
   the street to the corner of the map. Follow the street to the right. An Icon
   is present in the first opening between buildings.

2. At the very back of the Aircraft Depot on the ground behind a building.

3. On top of a building in the Aircraft Depot 

4. The Recreation Area near the two baseball fields

5. Center of the Residential Quarters

D. City of the Machines                                             [DPI4]

1. From the Construction Site move toward the Scavenger Challenge. Take the
   first left before you get to the challenge. Around the curve there should 
   be an open area with plenty of umbrella covered tables. The Icon is among  
   the tables.

2. Move to the beacon that begins Chapter 2 Energon Overload. Look at the large
   bird statue. Now look up and to the right slightly. You should notice the
   Icon on top of a nearby building.

3. Again from the small hill that sits in front of the beacon that begins 
   chapter 2, look at the bird statue. Above the bird's left wing (the right
   side of the screen) you should see a building with a water tower on it.
   Next to the water tower that is a rotating object. You will have to look
   closely. That object is an Icon.

4. Start one more time from the same position as above. Now look to the left 
   of the bird statue. There is another building with a water tower. Next to 
   that water tower is a faint metallic reflection given off by an Icon.

5. The last Icon is on a very tall building. Begin from the same point in
   central park as mention in three of the other Icons. On the street to the 
   right, you should see a medium sized building (with a billboard on the face
   of the structure) next to a very small building. Beside the very small 
   building is the tall one with the Icon. 

10. Autobot Skills                                                  [ATSK]

A. General Tips for Skills                                          [ATSK1]

Slide- In an open area with little traffic and/or debris press the turbo button
       (L2) and hold the left analog stick to the left. You should drive in a
       tight circle and fill up the skill meter

Speed- Find a straight stretch of road, hit the gas and use the turbo if you 
       like. The turbo button does not have to be used. The important thing is
       to maintain speed without crashing into anything not necessarily moving
       ultra fast.

Jump- Move to the top of a relatively high building and step off the edge as
      you begin the decent to the ground transform to achieve a "jump" 
      pressing the turbo button will aid your effort

Throw- Pick up any object (light pole, tree, car, giant hotdog...) and aim it
       very high before throwing. Also take note of the surroundings. A good 
       throw will not hit any nearby buildings

Heroic- Play a level or a challenge/level with lots of enemies and punch the 
        enemies to build up the skill meter. A pattern of punch, pause, punch, 
        pause works very well. 


B. The Suburbs                                                      [ATSK2]

1. Slide

2. Speed 

3. Jump

4. Throw
5. Heroic- The first chapter is an excellent place to get the skill. During 
           the second wave of drones there will be Decepticons much larger than
           the red drones. Use the hit and pause method to attack two drones
           then the larger Decepticon to fully fill the meter. The first round
           of red drones will work too if all four surround Bumblebee so that
           he can move from one to the next quickly.

C. More Than Meets the Eye                                          [ATSK3]

1. Slide

2. Speed- Trying this with Jazz before completing the first mission may be the
          best option 

3. Jump

4. Throw

5. Heroic- Chapter 2 A Friend in Need allows for this skill to be obtained 
           quite nicely. There are plenty of enemies at the first battle zone

D. Inside Hoover Dam                                                [ATSK4]

1. Slide- During free roam, a good place to slide is inside a tunnel (the ones
          that contained the fans that needed to be destroyed) near the health

2. Speed- The area next to frozen Megatron's position is an excellent stretch
          to get this skill. When you first enter the Inside Hoover Dam level
          from the level select screen, transform, press and hold X. The 
          straight stretch of road is mostly unoccupied upon initially entering
          the area. 

3. Jump

4. Throw- This was a difficult throw sill to obtain. I got it by climbing to 
          the top of the one of the walls and throwing a generator just like in
          Chapter 3 Power Drain. The first several tries I was only getting 4
          symbols to fill. Bumblebee will have to be aligned so that the 
          generator is being thrown down a long corridor and aimed high at the 
          ceiling. It may take several tries but it will happen.

5. Heroic- The Sumo Challenge will allow Bumblebee to achieve this skill. It is
           helpful that there will oftne be two drones that will be available
           for attack.

E. The Last Stand                                                   [ATSK5]

1. Slide

2. Speed 

3. Jump

4. Throw

5. Heroic

F. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall                                  [ATSK6]

1. Slide- Venture outside of the battle zone to find a suitable area

2. Speed 

3. Jump 

4. Throw
5. Heroic

11. Decepticon Skills                                               [DCSK]

A. General Tips for Skills                                          [DCSK1]

Slide- In an open area with little traffic and/or debris press the turbo button
       (L2) and hold the left analog stick to the left. You should drive in a
       tight circle and fill up the skill meter

Speed- Find a straight stretch of road, hit the gas and use the turbo

Jump- Move to the top of a fairly tall building, move to the edge and step off
      as you begin to fall transform to gain the jump skill

Throw- Pick up any object (light pole, tree, car, giant hotdog...) and aim it
       very high before throwing. Also take note of the surroundings. A good 
       throw will not hit any nearby buildings

Evil- Enter one of the attack challenges

Destruction- Simply create as much havoc as possible by attacking all nearby
             structures with the heavy weapon

B. SOCCENT Military Base                                            [DCSK2]

1. Destruction

2. Evil- The attack challenge is a good place to get this skill

3. Throw

C. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky                                        [DCSK3]

1. Speed

2. Destruction

3. Evil

4. Throw

5. Slide

6. Jump- There is a building near the parking lot next to the baseball field
         that will work quite nicely

D. A Gathering Force                                                [DCSK4]

1. Throw

2. Destruction

3. Evil

E. City of the Machines                                             [DCSK5]

1. Speed- During Chapter 1 Nowhere to Run, defeat Jazz during the first stage
          of battle. Then instead of racing him to the AllSpark attempt to get
          the skill.

2. Destruction

3. Evil

4. Throw

5. Slide- Obtain after defeating Jazz during Chapter 1

6. Jump- Obtain after defeating Jazz during Chapter 1

F. The Day of the Machines                                          [DCSK6]

1. Destruction

2. Evil
3. Throw

12. Legalities                                                      [LGL]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2007 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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